Tips for working from home

As we have passed the halfway mark for our lockdown, we feel as if we have managed to settle into a good working from home routine.  A routine that keeps us productive yet also keeping the mind refreshed and not stressed. We have listed our top five tips to get you through the next couple of weeks.


It’s super important to have a good morning routine that sets you up for the day. Make sure you get up at the same time each day, aim to be at your home desk at a set time, have a set lunch break and a time to have everything packed up by.  Most importantly this also allows you to chill in the evening and switch off from work, which can be hard to do when you work from home.

Create a space

Make sure you don’t work from your bed or your couch! Not only when your back and neck end up hating you if you do, but your not giving yourself a set space to be productive in or an area that you can switch off from. When creating your space make sure you have comfortable office furniture and that it’s a quiet space that you can focus fully on work.

Clock off / Set real work hours

One of the key benefits of working from home is that you can be flexible in setting your hours, especially if you are a more productive person in the morning or evening. But you need to make sure you enforce a hard finish time at the end of the day and distance yourself from work. Make sure you shut down the laptop and distance yourself from work at that time and not start till the next day.

Exercise & Stretch Regularly

I have personally found that when I work from home I end up sitting for longer at my desk, so it’s important to make sure you stretch regularly (at least every hour). Also, make sure you get in some daily exercise, and during your lunch break go for a walk or a run. Going outside for even five minutes has been known to increase creativity and productivity.

Use Video Chat

Working from home can get lonely at times, but make a point to chat with colleagues and clients each day, not just over the phone but use video.

We would love to know what has been helping you work from home since the lockdown?

Stay safe!

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