How to Prepare for the Job Interview!


We all know how hard it is to prepare for the job interview, especially when its a job that you really want! Check out these five tips below that will make you extra ready for the interview. For the basics check out my post called Be Interview Ready! Remember to be yourself, and you have got this!! x


This is where you put yourself in the role and find out what they are wanting the position to achieve. A good question to ask during the interview is “If I was hired for this role what would a successful first year look like for you? What are the key things you would like me to achieve?” This question shows that you are already invested in the role, you can see yourself in this role and are interested in being successful and helping the team succeed. When companies are hiring, they want to hire someone who is going to be committed to achieving the goals for the team, not just themselves.


Remember that no one wants to be surrounded by a negative person every day. Just one negative person really affects the whole team environment, so when hiring positivity is a critical attribute that company’s look for. Don’t get me wrong it’s not about having your head in the clouds or laughing at the interviewers jokes, it is about having a friendly and approachable demeanour, showing that you can easily fit into the team environment.



In an interview you will always be asked: “tell me about yourself.” This is when you usually start talking about your education and previous work experience, but it’s actually a perfect time to give a bit more information about yourself, say something interesting that provides the company with an insight into who you are as a person. Stuck at what to say? You could mention an exciting hobby or a fun experience you have had. Just make sure it’s something that shows you are a confident, passionate person who will be a great member of the team.


Being a great listener is always underrated, but it is one of the most essential skills that you can have. You can always tell in an interview who is actively listening verse someone who is just hearing you, trust me there is a BIG difference. This skill also goes along with a good handshake, so do some practising.


I know your nerves will be extra high, but its important to try and be calm and collected. Give yourself a little prep talk in the bathroom and then go into the interview with your head held high, remember you got this! Being calm and collected during a stressful time is an admirable skill and shows a lot about a person.

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