As a graduate how to find a job during the Covid-19 Pandemic

You were about to graduate from university and enter one of the best job markets in the last 50 years, but all of a sudden Covid-19 hit and the whole country was put into lockdown. At the moment there is so much uncertainty about what the national impact will be on jobs, especially for graduates but you must stay positive and start to be proactive on the job hunt.

Broaden your job search
Your ideal company might not have any roles that match your skills or experience, so make sure you are open-minded about your job search and apply for roles that might not be at your dream company or in your ideal industry. Just make sure that the role will give you the transferable skills you need for your future dream roles. Think of your first job as a stepping stone. During this time you want to focus on a role that you’ll gain new skills, build your network, learn what you like doing and most importantly get paid.

Be strategic with your applications
Prioritize job applications that have been posted most recently because it means the role is more current, if its been up for a while there is a high chance that the role could have already been filled. When applying for roles still apply even if you do not meet all of the requirements make sure you highlight your transferable skills that you know all employers need. Also, make sure that you modify your cover letter and CV for each application, yes this may take more time, but it’s necessary.

Prepare for job interviews
Once you have locked in the interview its important to remember that they already think you are qualified so don’t let your nerves make you think otherwise. Now you just need to make sure you are prepared to answer the questions. Learn everything you can about the company, visit their website, check out any recent news and check their blog and social media.

Use your network
Family, friends and past work colleagues will also be happy to help. Reach out to them and see what they are doing. Lots of networking events are still going ahead just through Zoom, so make sure you still attend and get your name out there.

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