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How it works

Hi, I'm Paige

My passion for starting Recruit You was all about people and their careers! I wanted to help people succeed in their dream careers and experience an engaging and innovative job search. While also assisting companies to recruit top talent from our diverse pool of high-quality candidates.

Here at Recruit You, we have so much to offer you, ranging from job postings, career webinars and online courses, recruitment for permanent or project work, career coaching and CV and cover letter support. We believe that everyone should be able to have their dream career, so if you’re starting out, changing career paths or just need support.

We are here to help!

What People Say

" Paige is such a kind, motivated and driven person with awesome ideas. She is an advocate for "anyone can do anything that they set their mind too". Paige has a go-getter, pro-active approach to business. I would definitely recommend that you meet Paige if you have the opportunity; she is a wealth of knowledge and has a fantastic vision for supporting people to connect with their dream careers."

                                                                                                                                        - Kylie Richardson